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Re: plymouth engines question

From: Jeffc
Email: Jeffc
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Date: October 24, 2003


don't want to step on your toes Bill, but the poly A318 was used frist as 277, then 301 and 318 ; there were a few sizes that were also Canada and export only ci sizes..... The poly 318 last year was 1966 in the US and 67 in Canada, but they were used as industral engines for a few years longer.... In 1958 Plymouth used 3 main engines 260ci flat head 6, A 318 poly and the 350 B engine which became the 361 in 59 (the 383 is also a B engine frist used in Plymouths in 1960 and should bolt were the 350 goes if the 383 is pre 62)...... The LA engines started in 1964(model year) as the 273ci and did not replace the A318 poly till 1967 in the US when the frist LA318 were used. All crank shafts were changed in 62 to a from 8 bolts to 6 bolts and made shorter to fit the new alum case 727........


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