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Re: Torqueflite Transmission behind a C542 331 Hemi ??????

From: alumcan
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Date: October 24, 2003


What in the world do you want a cast iron transmission that weighs almost as much as a John Deere for? There are a couple of early Hemi web sites you can go into and get an adapter to practiclly bolt on any transmission made! All the way from a '50's 4 speed Hyro-matic, to a 2 speed Power-slide, and anything inbtween, manual or automatic! The best choice is an aluminum 727 out of any 318, 340, or 360's. Or the samething in an overdrive. (I don't know the OD # off the top of my head) If you are using a (very common) GM style tilt coloumn, OM or aftermarket, (GM uses a shift lever on the opposite side as MoPar, meaning you will have to use a double bell crank to get the 727 PRN123 to work in the right way. Single bell crank 727 with a GM tilt coloum will result in 123NRP) Or use a GM 350 or 400 Turbo tranny, with the GM tilt. If you use a 400 Turbo, make sure you get the front driveshaft yoke! 400 yokes are scarce comapired to 350's If I can find the picture. A Hemi in a Lark, neat? Severl years ago I found a picture of a 392 in a older VW Beetle Bug! Power-Play should be at Good Guys this weekend. Have fun!


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