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Re: Body question for the -do it yourselfers-

From: Lee Lopes
Remote Name:
Date: October 25, 2003


Dan, I am working on a 55 desoto firedome, and i started in earnest about 4 years ago. I removed the body from the frame. First i degreased the frame using westley's bleach white, and then used 3M (scotchbrite?) wheels on my drill to clean the dirt and paint off of the frame. anything i couldn't get get to (i.e. all the nooks and crannies) i sandblasted using a product called "black lightning". It's a metal abrasive available at most builders supply places (not home depot or lowes...the pro places). It comes in 100# bags and works like a charm. after that was done i was left with a completely bare metal frame. I decided to go with the POR products for the paint. There were a couple of reasons for this. The POR products wick into everywhere! when it's dry the paint is really tough, and gets tougher over time. I think this is because it remains flexible and 'gives' when struck. anyway, i coated the frame with the metal ready zinc phosphate coating, painted two coats in POR15 and then painted a por15 topcoat (chassis black). I was left with a clean new looking chassis and was extremely impressed with the results! I have never used the por15 over rust only clean metal and it works like gangbusters! after i finished i did an experiment and left the rolling chassis out side this summer, and not one bit of flash rust showed up. I put a few pics on a home page a few weeks ago. Please check it out and see some of the pics. i update it every couple of weeks, so if there are any other things you would like to see or if i can help let me know. Lee good luck,


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