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POR 15

From: John Z
Remote Name:
Date: October 25, 2003


Looking for ways to spiffy up my garage I noticed my old wood stove looked pretty shabby. Its 28 years old and rain water tends to get to it by coming down side of metal chimney so its rusty. (the stove is round like a barrel but not a barrel stove) It has an inner fire box and outer shell so only outer shell is rusty and doesn't get all that hot. Anyway I couldn't get all rust off with wire brush (my son's buddy borrowed my sandblaster) so I applied POR 15 to stove and then sprayed it with "stove black paint". Stove looks like brand new and POR 15 is covering what rust I couldn't get off and does not burn off. But remember, stove is not a radiant type. It has blower fan. I don't think POR 15 would stand up to the heat of a radiant heat type.


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