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Carburettor problems now!!!

From: pierpaolo
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Date: October 25, 2003


Dan the guy that sold the car told me he changed the plugs 3 years ago. Here is the report of my day spent working on the car. You were absolutely right, the choke was not working. It works with a thermostatic coil spring that receive warm air from the exhaust manifold. The inlet of warm air was obstructed from rust, so the spring didn't warm up. For this reason, the coil spring has been set to have the choke valve fixed in a half-open position. I have started the engine with the choke fully open, and it runs very smooth for about two minutes, then starts to make black smoke. This makes me think that somebody before has adjusted the idle mixture to work with cold engine and choke completely open to replace the choke effect!!! I have cleaned the inlet, but I think the pipe that brings air from the manifold is obstructed too, and I don't know how to remove it. Moreover, there is some resin tape on the connection with the manifold that makes me worry about the condition of the pipe, I am afraid to break it during the removal. I thought to clean it with a steel wire without removing it, but I don't know were it ends and I am afraid to drop some rust inside the engine. The manual doesn't say much about it. I also have discovered that the vacuum advance pipe to the distributor is cut and simply rejoined with a piece of rubber hose, I don't know if it work and how much this could affect performance. Another bad discovery..... the carburator leaks petrol probably from the gaskets, I am not sure if repair or replace it. Does the liquid gasket works well on carburettors? However, please check my other post about the power steering, I have the impression that this pink beauty will give me a lot of work...... never mind!!


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