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Clippity-Clop Brakes

From: Carter S.
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Date: October 25, 2003


I bought a '60 Chrysler Windsor 2 dr hdtp a couple of weeks ago and drove the 250 miles home. The car runs like a champ. It had new wheel cylinders and shoes put in a couple of years ago and probably has less than 1,000 miles on the brake job. The brakes worked good enough, but I was getting an embarrassing howling noise every time I rolled to a stop and the brake pedal was pulsating a bit. I pulled the drums off the front and had them turned, one of them was warped. I put the drums back on and took the car for a spin. No more howling, but now, every time I step on the brakes, they make a clicking noise, which slows as the car slows. It almost sounds like horseshoes on a cobblestone street or like the shoes are doing a tapdance on the drums. I readjusted the shoes according to a '58 DeSoto manual that I have, and it made no difference. Anyone have any suggestions? I can't figure it out. Basically, all I did was pull the drums and put them back on. The brakes never clicked before and it's something I've never experienced. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Carter Sandvik


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