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Re: Carburettor problems now!!!

From: chuck lowe
Remote Name:
Date: October 26, 2003


OK-UK.---what part of carb is leaking---correct plugs being so hard to get over there-are the correct ones in it now---are you getting any movement out vac. advance when running---when it runs fine for a few minutes-does it black smoke---pull all spark plugs-do they all look the same-or just a few dirty---fuel filter!-change it---from what you have said you may have several different problems---although by todays standards these old engines are of a simple design they can still give you fits from time to time---do you have some one over there that can rebuild carb correctly---is it a 2 or four brl.---if possible do a compression test---i know i asked a lot of questions-but i am trying to figure every angle---feel free to email me on the side if you need to---if i can help i will---later---chuck lowe


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