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Re: power steering

From: Jessica Hendricks
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Date: October 26, 2003


More than likely, if you can jog the wheel more than 2" without making the wheels turn, you may have worn steering parts. With These old "paralellogram" steering setups, there is some flex natrually. I would check the idler arm and pitman arm, tie rods, and center link to make sure that everything is tight before messing with the power steering. These are easier to diagnose and much simpler to fix. If you have a friend handy, have him/her sit in the vehicle on dry pavement and jog the wheel back and forth while you grab the tie rod ends and where the pitman and idler arms meet the center link. You will be able to feel any perceptible play immediately. The part then should be replaced. Note: Do this with the vehicle on the ground, not jacked up. Hope this helps! :) ~jessica


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