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Re: new home page of the 55 desoto

From: Lee Lopes
Remote Name:
Date: October 26, 2003


The first thing i did was to find the lift points that the factory used to lift the bodies onto the chassis. next i sistered (glued and screwed) the 2x4 trusses that the forged eye bolts went through with another 2x4. then i took 1/4inch steel plate (3x5inches) and drilled a half inch hole in the center of it. then i drilled the 1/2 inch hole through the 2x4's in the attic in the garage making sure that the hole went through the seam of the 2 2x4s. i placed the eye bolts up into the hole from the ceiling, and put the plate on top of the 2x4's (this helps to spread out the load)finishing off with a fender washer, lock washer and nut. the next thing was to put 2 4x4 posts up to support the trusses (made sure to cut them about 1/4inch longer than floor to ceiling height and use a level to make sure they were straight in both directions. then i went and bought 4 2-ton come-a-longs and hung them from the eye bolts in the ceiling. i then used forged eye bolts on the rear lift points and those loop things that screw together for the front lift points. i would lift one point about 1/2 inch and walk around the car to lift each one in turn. before i knew it the car was up! that was about it..glad i could help.. Lee


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