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Re: Body question for the -do it yourselfers-

From: tim
Remote Name:
Date: October 26, 2003


I was going to remove the body but decided against it. most of the body work I could do without removing it. I had a pressure washer and Anti Rush agents over the whole car and frame when dismantled. Doors, hood, truck, interior, guards & innerguards, all off. After cutting and welding new steel in and rust proofing everything I coated the underfloor in a bitumen type sealer its a soundproofing agent also. When painted I painted the guards, hood, truck separate. but the doors where fitted and painted on the car. Pretty hard to line up and not scratch after painting. Colour match was ok as long and you batch mix you paint from the supplier and always mix with the same amount of thinner / hardner and use the same air pressure and style / speed of painting I had panels lying down upright, all over the place and the colour match is great. But it was with solid colours not, metallics which can be a bit more tricky. good luck!


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