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60 VALIANT-the orphan

From: chuck lowe
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Date: October 27, 2003


THANKS DAVEN:that is an interesting piece of info---seems as though we were both right---soooooo!-an alt bracket from a 60 valiant may also fit my application ?---60 valiant being a new model-not-chrysler-dodge-or plymouth---it seems kind of odd no one wanted to lend their name---here is a little story about the valiant---when i was 17 (pre-dirt era)there was talk at home of needing another car so my mom could go to where ever and not putting my dad in a bind---there was 8 kids needing to go here and there plus groceries to gather---although he never owned one dad was a stanch supporter of the valiant---i think mainly because back then they were so cheap to buy---at that time that was a terrible thought---17yrs.old-the 60's hot rod era-sitting behind the wheel of a VALIANT-ain't no way---so i recruited the help of my mom to help negotiate the acquisition of my first ride-didn't take much pleading with her---she didn't like the valiant either---so i ended up with what i really wanted a 57 CHEVY---it was a four door hard top-auto-283 power pack-bronze and white-cost-$275.00---she was a dirty beauty-must have been owned by a farmer-still had about half a buschel of oats in the trunk---great car but too much guts for a 17 yr.old---i ended up hitting a VW.head on---damn near killed the guy driving it and i still feel bad---but over the years people and ideals change---there aren't many cars i truly don't like---i grew up in an era when fins were in---for the most part i like them all---just some more than others---today i would be proud to be seen driving one of those old slant six VALIANTS---later---chuck lowe


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