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Coach Jimmy / power steering pump

From: alumcan
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Date: October 27, 2003


Jimmy, yer back! How's yer boy doin'? I thought you told me you were goin' stateside here not too long ago???? What'd you do, re-up for another 20?You wire the sensor device on 'this Christine'? Neat idea! There is a guy over in the wanted section looking for a 300-D, ONLY, PS pump. I didn't know that here was a differnce? The pumps/brackets on both of my 392's (one a 'D' the other a NYer) are twins. I know. Since they only made 800 and some 300-D's, to the, what, 65K '57,8 NYer's. The same parts that interchange between each motor costs more since it's rarer. Same way with the 5.7 motor in the Cadillac Hearse. Parts for a Cadillac 5.7, cost more than the same 5.7 (350 Chevy) that's in a Caprice. It must be that perstige thing, I don't understand.


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