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As the ad said, the '60 Valiant was "nobody's kid brother"

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury<at>
Remote Name:
Date: October 27, 2003


Compact cars were a BIG DEAL for Detroit in 1960. (Ironically, Rambler and even Studebaker beat the big three to the 'compact' table!) Chrysler at this time (late 1959) wanted Valiant to be a fully separate brand. To help it along, they gave it the exclusive AC alternator. So the 1960 Imperial had a DC generator and the Valiant had an AC alternator! (to prove it was 'nobody's kid brother' and could stand with the rest of the Mopar lines in respect to engineering features) If that's not ironic enough for you, how about the fact that they wanted to establish Valiant as a separate brand AT THE SAME TIME that they were finalizing the plans for DeSoto's demise! Yes, alumcan, your memories of the 1960 alternators are from the Valiants....


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