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Re: Bringing a Wagon back to life??

From: Mark
Email: it was 87 in Coos Bay today....YIKES
Remote Name:
Date: October 28, 2003


I have a 58 wagon that I am putting back together. I have always wanted a finned wagon. It is a DeLuxe Suburban. Flathead and powerflite. I am putting way more money in it that it is probably worth - lots of powdercoating, upgraded to disc brakes and later model rear end, custom driveline so I can keep the drivetrain intact. My entire floor is shot, but the rest of the body is surprizingly straight and 95% rust free. So, i pay big bucks to get the floor done, and then restore it like any other car. They don't make these cars anymore, and they are getting rarer by the day. Others would scoff at wagons. I think they are marvelous. I especially like the hardtop wagons from the late fifties and early 60's - mopar, GM, Merc...whatever. They are neat. They still got a lot of eyeball, and you can go to the store and bring home a lot of groceries that won't fit in a 2003 Honda Accord or Toyota Echo. Fix a wagon? Hell Yeah!!!


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