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'59 Savoy gas tank WIERD FLOAT??

From: Jason in Utah
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Date: October 28, 2003


I pulled the gas tank on the Savoy today. it wasn't as screwed up as I was led to believe. however the sump was way up in the top of tank and was just sipping the top of the tank(I didn't know this til later). I didn't want to drain the tank for two gallons, so i pulled it, well it was chuck full of gas! at least twenty gallons. it was a pain to drain it, but it would have been even worse with the tank in the car. what happened is that whoever installed the sump had it bent up to the top of the tank, so it was only able to get a couple of gallons, then it would act like it was out of gas even though it had about fifteen gallons in there! now the problem is that with the sump in the somwhat correct position(i'll fine tune it tomorrow) the bar the float is attached to banks on the sump line. it looks like someone took a really long wire/float assy. clipped it in half and soldered them together (the float itself is black). the float looks different in the service manual than the one in the tank. is this float correct? should the float be able to move past the sump line? it looks like it would have to in order to let the gauge read right. any thoughts?? help! Jason


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