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From: Jason in Utah
Email: 801-229-3968
Remote Name:
Date: October 28, 2003


okay here's the update. i just talked to greg(former owner) he said he sent the float assembly out to be repaired and it never really worked right after he got it back. I cannot get the float to read right. it's hard to explain, but i think the problem is the "electronic" piece that reads the float position was either replaced or the whole assembly was replaced. bottom line is it takes way too much travel to get the gauge to read full or empty, it goes clear to the bottom of the tank and bottoms out and doesn't read empty, more like half full. same thing happens the other direction. i tested it outside of the tank too. when you let it go through its whole range of motion it works like it should,gauge reads correctly. bottom line, i believe it was repaired with the wrong parts, and i need a new one(used is fine as long as it works!) DOES ANYBODY HAVE ONE?? I do not have a lot of money, could you guys help me out? i really need to get this car back together, its supposed to snow friday and i DO NOT want to be working out there any longer than i have to. HELP! PLEASE! Jason


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