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Anyone ever ordered a complete interior kit?

From: Adam
Remote Name:
Date: October 28, 2003


All the upholstery in my '55 Chrysler is really ratty and needs to be replaced. I already tore the carpet out since it was ripped along the edges in some spots and smelled like a moldy basement. I don't have any hope of finding an original-style carpet for it (at least for a reasonable price), so I figure I'll just order a $100 replacement kit, same with the headliner. But what about all the other stuff? The seats use a pretty unique design and materials that I'd like to replicate with a slight color change, but there's also the door pillar coverings and whatnot. I know I could get it all redone by a professional upholstery shop, but the fact is that I do not have $3,000+ to spend on a new interior.


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