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From: Mopar Randy
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Date: October 29, 2003


They way that works is that the backing plate is drawn in against the bearing cup, which is visible when the backing plate is removed. The tighter (less shims) the cup is drawn in, the less the axle can move in and out (end play) because the bearing rollers, or cone, is "squished" against the cup. More shims allow the cup to move outward, or away from the cone, permitting more end play. I think the spec. is 15 to 17 thousandths. That's what it was on my 65 Imperial, anyway. Check the book for the spec and shim accordingly. How do you check it? Use a dial indicator attached to the backing plate with the probe on the end of the axle shaft. Push and pull on the shaft and observe the needle. That's your end play. Good luck, Mopar Randy


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