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Re: AIN"T NONE LEFT MoPar yard

From: Jim Lusk
Remote Name:
Date: October 29, 2003


Here in the Fresno area are two yards with LOTS of old stuff, not just Mopar stuff (when was the last time you saw a 55 Nash Le Mans with a Farina body?). This place is absolutely loaded with lots of 50s and 60s parts and cars. A lot of has been picked over. There is a 55 Royal Lancer with a few good body parts left, a couple of 64-66 Imperials, tons of 69-71 C-bodies, at least one 56 Savoy. So if you're ever in California drop me a note and I'll take to the oldest yard in Fresno where the owner still live in a house in the middle of the yard with a lawn and a picket fence around it.


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