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connecting rod nuts stripped on to get them off?

From: Arthur Ash III
Remote Name:
Date: October 29, 2003


Hey guys, last weekend my dad's friend was helping me rebuild the motor. We were installing the pistons and were torquing down the nuts on the connecting rods and they wouldn't stop going. Finally, we decided something had to be wrong so we decided to take them off. Well, they won't come off, they just spin on the stud. We've tried to pry on them while turning and everything...nothing works. And the weird thing is, the nut on the opposite side of the two we installed come off fine! Soon after, he asked me if the connecting rods had been machined and I said yes. I then realized I had ordered standard rod bearings, not oversized. But, that shouldn't have anything to do with it since the two pieces bottom out on each other, don't they? Anyway, I need to know if anyone has any idea how to get these nuts off the studs. Please help! I've been waiting months to build this motor and this is holding us up. Thanks, Arthur Ash


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