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Re: Body question for the -do it yourselfers-

From: tim
Remote Name:
Date: October 30, 2003


Sorry for the delay Dan, its a 57 Ply savoy hard/top 2 door I just used 16 guage zinc steel in the floor and 18 guage on the rockers. The only exterior sheetmetal where the rockers The where pretty tricky but I had a go and they worked fine. If you can source them it might be easier. It was to expensive for me the buy and ship over. some peices of sheet metal I got pre folded at a sheetmetal guy and Rolled the rockers over a large steel pipe and rubber malot, cafeful not to dint the sheet My car was never going to be a show car. So I jacked the car up degreased , washed and rust treated everything . Did the floor steel work from inside the car with a mig welder just stiching the sheets together. Be careful. a big mig will blows holes everywhere, turn it down low and be patient. Seamsealed all the welds and bitumen coated everything. The frame is coated also. The frame was in good order only the floor, rockers and trunk where rusted. I thought about removing the body. Big Job! Didn't want to fold it in half by not supporting it properly either. keeping it in mind I was going to have it lowered so it sat on the gorund anyway so who would see it! I can email you some photos or discuss more if you want. I did all the steel work myself and I'm not even a qualified welder so it can be done. Sure the quality isn't the same as a concourse car but it was this way or not at all! ( couldn't afford it ) and its turned out great and I'm driving it every weekend so go for it! It took me almost exactley 12mnths from start to Registered on the road. Mind you the engine and auto have not been touched yet! Later tim


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