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Re: Interesting Finds

From: Herman Parker
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Date: October 30, 2003


After eyeing a clean looking, repossed 65 Satellite on the back of a used car dealers lot on my way to work for several weeks, I finally stopped to look at it. The first thing I noticed was the "426" emblem sticking up on the hood. The car had no seats (?????) or tires/wheels, but I wanted to see the engine - especially since it had a nice Hurst 4 speed shifter sticking up thru the floor. Hoping to see a hemi, it was an almost equally desirable 426 Street Wedge Stage II. It was missing the intake, carb, distributor, alternator and radiator. I bought it for $99.00 + tt&l, came back with some tires and towed it home. I horse traded for all the parts I needed to put it back together, but knew in my heart the engine was probably shot. The engine cranked right up with a very impressive rumble and NO SMOKE!! While later installing the seats, I noticed a piece of paper sitting on top of the heater ductwork. It turned out to be reciept for a complete rebuild and balancing job on the engine just 6 months ago for $2103 (1973 dollars) from Houston Engine & Balancing. I had a blat with this car and would like to say all turned out well. Unfortunately, a medical distaster with my 1st wife caused me to have to sell the car quickly for much less than it was worth. This car and the 57 Desoto Fireflite I had as a kid are 2 cars I wish I still had. I guess it was an example of "easy come - easy go". Herman


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