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Ranking 57-58 Bodystyles

From: Michael
Remote Name:
Date: October 30, 2003


Just for a little Halloween fun, I put together a list of 57-58 Plymouth models and ranked them from 0 to 100, 0 being the most desirable and 100 being the least desirable. I was thinking of them each as “showroom” condition. What do you think? Belvedere Convertible 0 Fury Sport Coupe Hardtop 1 Belvedere Sport Coupe Hardtop 20 Savoy Sport Coupe Hardtop 30 Belvedere Sport Sedan Hardtop 34 Savoy Sport Sedan Hardtop 37 Suburban Custom 2d 50 Suburban Deluxe 2d 51 Suburban Sport 4d, 9p 59 Suburban Custom 4d, 9p 60 Suburban Sport 4d, 6p 61 Suburban Custom 4d, 6p 62 Suburban Deluxe 4d 63 Plaza Business Coupe Never Seen One Belvedere Club Sedan 85 Savoy Club Sedan 86 Plaza Club Sedan 87 Belvedere Sedan 4d 98 Savoy Sedan 4d 99 Plaza Sedan 4d 100 Remember, a 57 Chevy starts at about 213 on this scale!


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