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From: Jason in Utah
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Date: October 31, 2003


okay, if thats how it works the why do you put the bearing on the shaft, then drive the race into the axle housing second?? i put it in correctly. my question was simply if the race is keeping the bearing from moving so far in or out how does shimming the backing plate increase or decrease endplay when there really is no contact with the bearing, just the race. the race is holding the bearing limiting outward movement of the axleshaft. I even have pictures in the service manual showing it. don't sit here and say i have no technical knowledge, just because you don't understand the question. i have done a lot of work on axles, mainly heavy trucks with full floating axles, but i am new to these cars,thats why i ask, and guess what i've done LOTS of brakes too! imagine that. i was taught by my uncle, my grandfather(a mechanic for 65 years) and a good friend who owns his own brake business. I am still learning the suspension end of it, but so what i guess you were born with the knowledge? if you'd like to continue this coinversation i suggest we do it off the forum. maybe i'm a little sensitive to your comment and if so, my bad, but you come across extremely rude for no reason. Jason


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