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Clippity-Clop Brakes Revisited

From: Carter S
Remote Name:
Date: November 01, 2003


Thanks to everyone who suggested how to fix the clicking noise in the front brakes of my '60 Chrysler. I fixed it this morning. After following through on some of your suggestions, and still having clicking brakes, I rethought things this morning. When I had the drums turned and got them back, I just took them and laid them down by the spindles. I actually knew at the time that I was putting the right drum on the left spindle and the left drum on the right spindle, but I thought it wouldn't make any difference. After trying to solve the clicking brake problem to no avail, I pulled both drums this morning and, out of curiosity if nothing else, I switched them to the opposite sides. The drum that came off the left is now back on the left, etc. I tightened everything up, took off for a spin, and voila! No more clicking noise. Turning the drums had stopped the howling noise that I originally was trying to get rid of and now the clicking has ceased. I really didn't believe it would make a difference which side the drums were on. Thanks again for your help. Carter


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