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Re: poly headers

From: chuck lowe
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Date: November 02, 2003


thanks for posting ballenger photos---charlie---i tried yesterday to send photos to you off site---for some unknown reason that couldn't happen and not being computer literate sucks-along with AOL-------now here is the deal with these headers---sat. i talked with an exhaust builder that did my exhaust---he builds custom headers---if i send him the headers he will copy them at the cost of 4-5 hundred per set---but has to see them first---all copies will be at that cost from here on out---he even suggested i tack on 10-15 %---NO WAY will i do that---he will use 14-15 gauge aluminized or stainless tubing---stainless will be double in cost---poly headers are pretty much non existent these days as you all know---this set i am told will fit all bodies from 57-61 and they are a tight fit on my dart but they do fit---JEFF---i feel secure in dealing in this manor-let me know what you think---TO ALL---once these headers are copied-anyone from any part of the world can get a copy for their 318 poly 57-61---IF i do this-i am doing it to help and the joy of knowing that 318 poly headers aren't fiction-but fact---in ending---in no way-shape or form do i guarantee fit---i am going on what i am told---now guys and gals it is up to all of you---let me know what you think---i will help as much as humanly possible---later---chuck lowe


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