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Re: How many of you are still using drum brakes on all fours?

From: Brian Cooper
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Date: November 02, 2003


I am running the stock system all the way around. I run standard DOT 3 fluid. I only put 5000 or so miles on my car per year. I adjust the shoes every month. The first Sunday of every month I check the fluids, brakes, air pressure, etc. of all four cars and the tractor, even if they did not run that month. If they weren't driven I run them a few miles. I have driven my 57 since 1990, and have never had a problem other than wheel cyl. rebuilds. That doesn't mean they won't fail on me today. Would I convert to a dual master cyl. and front discs, yes. But I have two other old cars, one of which is a Lil' Red Express undergoing a frame off, and the Camaro will be when I am done with the truck. It's a matter of the Plymouth has been restored, and the money can go elsewhere. I am, however, nearly fanatical in my maintenance.


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