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Re: Love my Drum Brakes!

From: lars
Email: nope
Remote Name:
Date: November 02, 2003


Drums on all 4. With a V-8 wagon they are all 12" I believe, certainly 11's for sure. IMHO they are fine, have 20k on mine, never a problem stopping. As others say, gotta keep em tuned. Bleed every spring topping off during process. If one starts to hang, pull a wheel and see if its leaking. If so its replaced. Dot 3. Now if U R running hard old radials or bias plys with ancient style tread, theres the weak link-GRIP. Note in an emergency Chryslers fine driveshaft brake does real well if U can remember where the handle is. L a grand total of almost 300k on drum braked cars and nary a problem.


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