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Re: poly headers

From: narleycharlie
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Date: November 02, 2003


Thanks for the pics Panic,the tri-y's you posted showed the 2 center cyl's together,they must have been for a La318 huh?Those ballengers looked simple,thanks also for those pics.Chuck,thanks for the offer but I can,t afford specialty/custom headers.It will probally be a few months b4 I tackle this project cause weather is spring like down here in southeast La.Way too nice to be taking apart your cruiser.And I have to try to build my own,cause I think I can I have to try,if you know what I mean.I've gotheaders,4bbl carb and intake and 3rd member to do hopefully b4 spring.After reading about Jason I think his name is I don't know if I want to tackle the 3rd member.Just might try to find a L8r model rearend.Going to start digging around in the archives.Thanks guys and gals for you time and the fact that ya'll share what you know with all of us.By the way I do appliance reoair down here,email me if ya'll have any questions I'd be happy to help,just cause I'm that kind of guy.Later...Charlie


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