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Re: love my disc brakes

From: fins59
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Date: November 02, 2003


I put front discs on my 59 Plymouth Sport Fury earlier this spring. I optioned for the basic kit from AAJ ($195.87 with shipping costs).I purchased other front brake parts from AutoZone (rotors $72) (calipers $37.96) (Pads $16.99) (wheel bearings & seals $42.20)(dust covers $6) (caliper bolts $14) (banjo bolts $4) (2 brake hoses $30) total cost - about $419....everything went together perfectly thanks to the AAJ kit. I used a dual master cyl and power booster (9inch so it clears valve cover) and proportioning valve from 1975/76 (can't remember which)Plymouth Duster.....booster and mas/cyl bolts perfectly to firewall and brake pedal rod fits perfectly (as if its made to order). I got mas/cyl/booster and pro valve from a buddy in exchange for some work (I'm going to make him some picture frames) But you can order same from Autozone for around $160 and pro valve is avail from other sources for about $40.


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