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All worth it

From: MIke Cretella
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Date: November 02, 2003


Today, I entered my 58 Fireflite in a local (Gulfport,Fl. A suburb of St. Petersburg) car show. There were all makes, models and years of beautiful cars there. I never entered my DeSoto in s show because I didn't think it would garner a trophy but the show was so close by the house, I did it on a whim. The show was two days long and my car was the only Forward Look car in the show. It got a lot of attention from older people. The gearheads kind of gave it a passing glance but could appreciate it for what it was. One thing I learned was owners of classic and collectable cars are some of the nicest people you could meet. I went by myself and by the end of the day was hanging out with a nice crowd. I kept telling a guy I met that I didn't have a chance because of all the show quality cars and mine is my daily driver. Well, it was time to announce the winners. My class came up. Stock cars for 1948 to the present. The top winner was a 66 Charger. When they said my name and car, I was blown away! We came in 5th in a field of 50. Granted, She looks great but I think the main reason we placed was because of rareness of these cars. We beat more common collector and show cars because well, ya just don't see 'em too much anymore. We Forward Look lovers are a rare breed. It's up to us to keep them alive. As I was driving home, I thought of all the time, love and money it took to make my car what it was. But looking at that trophy sitting in the front seat made me think it was all worth it.


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