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Carb upgrade for a '55 NYer

From: Adam
Remote Name:
Date: November 02, 2003


Well, my Carter WCFB pissed me off again. Since I retuned it, it will actually start very well on these very cold mornings. The problem is that it WON'T start if the engine's even a little warm. Earlier tonight I drove an hour to the old car junkyard, spent about an hour getting a new defroster motor, and even though the car was mostly cooled down (it was about 35 degrees out) it still wouldn't start. After I ran the battery out, I got some starting fluid and a 12-volt jump and it fired up pretty quick. The other thing is that it doesn't like to accelerate fast, even after I rebuilt it. It will rev up easily in neutral but when it's under load it sputters, so no pedal-to-the-metal acceleration. I'm sure I'd get better fuel economy with a newer carb, too, compared to the clunky old Carter. So I've been looking into new aftermarket carbs. They all seem to come in either manual or electric choke... I don't want to mess with a manual choke, and the electric choke is pretty much just on a timer of sorts, right? I'm worried that it wouldn't work too well. Second problem is throttle and kickdown linkage. It's all solid linkage, so would I have to completely redo it with cables or something in order to upgrade?


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