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Re: poly headers

From: Jon Hendricks
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Date: November 03, 2003


I have to say that even the worst headers built today are far superior to the best exhaust manifolds from the forward look era. The post with the pictures of the green headers, those bad boys are about as basic as it gets! Summit Racing catalog sells a kit to build your own headers....i believe you just call, give them the port size/shape, the spacing and how thick of a flange you want and they will send you a CNC machined flange with about 2" of straight pipe already seam-welded on, and several lengths of straight tubing and several 90 degree and several lesser degree bends. These are mandrel bent, so if you mess up, you cant run down to Midas and have them bend you up a new pipe because they are compression bends and will hurt flow. You just have to measure VERY CAREFULLY and cut and weld together the supplied tubing they give you. It is a very very very very time consuming process, BUT in the end, you can tell everyone you know "yeah, I got bored one weekend and built some equal length custom fit was nothin" They dont look all that pretty, and you had better know how to weld, but man i bet that feeling is awesome when you fire that bad boy up for the first time and then crack open a cold one to celebrate. There was an article in Car Craft Magazine not too long ago about how to build headers...guy made some for a LS1 small block ch*vy Just a few thoughts from the dark recesses of my cranial cavity. Jon Hendricks


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