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Re: love my disc brakes?????? Yer kidding,,,,,,right?

From: alumcan
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Date: November 03, 2003


Mine are all new, (suposidly, that 's what the guy said when I got the car) from the drums in, on all four. And they are as useless as air brakes on turtle!!! (Useless, Hell! Scary!) Also, I wouldn't give you a P.O.P for a whole dump truck load of those brakes!! When I find a rear end, (I don't care what) that's no more than 1/4 inch differnce, (1/8 inch on a side, plus, close to 3.31 to 1 ratio as the OM rear) I'm converting over to 4 wheel disc! Period! The only decision, is whether to use power assist. Roger (head dude at AAJ) and I have been 'rachet jawing' on the 'ground line' back and forth to each other, about manual discs compaired to power assist. Plus, what companys he would reccomend out there that will re-build the OM MoPar bellows booster. According to him, manual, dual MC, disc brake kit/change over, is a 110% improvment in stopping, compaired to OM power! His '56 Dodge is all manual, and stops just as quick and straight as would power assist. Einstine out there is a little scared of the old bellows booster. (for good reasons!) Fearless Leader has been running a junk yard/parts car, bellows for sometime now, with NO trouble at all! Roger gave me a company name out in northern Calif that will re-build the MoPar bellows. I think owner said both sizes. Smaller one costs more (?) Anyway, for the regular (normal) sized bellowed booster, re-build cost is $300! That includes a basic re-build, with NEW rubber bellows! If anything is busted inside, add $ to the $300. $45. more for the goldish cadnium plate on both ends of the booster. I saw pictures of a '57 MoPar with a late, GM style, booster/MC/portion valve combination, mounted on the firewall in place of the MoPar OM, and it DID NOT look right at all! It stuck out like a clean pig in the mud pit! I have NEVER seen something that looked so morbid out of place as that GM booster did on that car!!! It was worse than a Ford motor in a Chevy Street Rod! Those bellows (to me) are the only thing that belongs under the hood, (notice I said UNDER the HOOD) of the '57,8,9 MoPars! One can take the Street Rod application, samaller diameter GM style booster/MC/adjustable portion vlave, and tuck it up along inside the frame. There, a smooth firewall! No ugly MC/lines/whatever! Anyway, getting back to the post. When I do this conversion, I'm taking these drum brakes, put 'em all in a box, weld the lid shut, bury it with a note; mean spooks inside! Do not open untill the year 2050! Open before that date, your wife's/girlfriend's hands will grow great big, and you will grow hair all over your body, 'sept yer head! I remember reading (an auto trade journal ?) about a new '60 300-F being driven 0 to 100 and some (?) to 0, and the entire brake system was cooked! The article said that a hard stop from high speed, would actually ruin the braking SYSTEM. NOT just the shoes, but the whole insides! Bearings, seals, fluid, shoes, clys, springs, and probably start removing some of the temper out of the spindles! Roger also sez, that Einstine's big mouth has sold more disc changeover kits than any $ worth of paper advertising! He mentioned that if he ever meets you Einstine, he's gonna shake yer hand, give you a hug and a kiss, plus a box of candy!!! Whoo-Haw! Oh I forgot. But he will NEVER vote for you!


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