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From: Jason in Utah
Email: sas
Remote Name:
Date: November 03, 2003


thank you. thats all i was asking. And yes i do consider myself a skilled mechanic, however like i said before my main experience has been with trucks,( i also own an '85 1 ton Ram and a'58 3/4 ton Dodge Power wagon., also used to own a '79 3/4 ton PW, and a '58 1/2 ton PW, but never got into the axles on the 1/2 ton PW) this is my first old mopar car. so, i haven't dealt with these systems as much. i've dealt with totally different systems i.e. suspension etc. yes the concepts are similar, but not completely the same, so i ask somone with more experience. i am trying to learn, thats why i asked, i'm concerned for my and everyone elses safety too, thats why i want to get the job done right. plus i'm working on several things at once so i need the info prior to tear down so the job will go as fast as possible, thanks, and sorry for the chew out. Jason


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