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Re: Carb upgrade for a '55 NYer

From: chuck lowe
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Date: November 03, 2003


through this hard start did you open the choke by hand---also---when you think you may need a starting boost-there is a better product than starting fluid !!!!!!!---W-D 40---yes W-D 40---it starts you engine as easy or easier than starting fluid and is not as hard on your engine components---it will work in engines from lawn mowers to ukes---i have also seen it work when starting fluid wouldn't---i came across this use about 20 yrs. ago working for a major construction co.---they have tens of millions of dollars worth of machinery---W-D 40---is what they used---since then i have become aware that it is what they all use---next time you think you need a fuel boost to start your engine try it(on any engine)and next time before you run your battery down-open the choke by hand---hope i helped---later---chuck lowe


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