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Re: Title Service

From: Bill in SD
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Date: November 03, 2003


I used a title service about five years ago for my 58 Plymouth. They sent me the paperwork, I filled it out and signed it and had it noterized stating that I was in fact the actual owner of the car. They sent me an affidavit that I took to the DMV along with a bill of sale. I believe the paper work was from Alabama and it stated that "prior to 1975 AL did not require titles" and a bunch of other stuff. Now in fact I had the original title for my car that had been signed by the first owner back in 1979 who dies in 1980. When I took that title in to the DMV they refused to switch it stating that since it was signed so long ago I would have to talk to the owner and she would have to get a new title. I explained to them that she died about 20 years ago and they said I would have to track down her hiers and relatives and get them all to sign an affidavit that they had no interest in the car. All of this because the second owner never switched the title into his name in 1979. For me $150 was a lot cheaper and faster that sepnding years tracking down people all over the country. When I took the paper work to the DMV they looked at it funny but said they would mail it into the state DMV and see. TWo weeks later I got a new title.


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