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I still have drums, and now have some trouble after 10k miles...

From: Lou
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Date: November 03, 2003


I've been running the drum brakes since I got my car in April 2002. The brake system was gone over and adjusted and given a clean bill of health by a guy experienced with these things. But, here are the problems I've had: 1) No matter how much adjusting, you never know which direction the car will pull when stopping 2) Brake booster now has a slight vac leak. 3) I had to make a moderately hard stop a few weeks ago, and afterward, the master cyl failed (pedal goes to the floor the first time you hit it). I replaced teh master cyl, bled the brakes, and adjusted all shoes. 4) Now, I have a squeaking/scraping sound from the front left wheel..sounds like the brake is dragging a bit. Mechanic thinks its due for new shoes, and my adjustment has just brought the metal-to-metal contact closer. I backed off the adj and it still does it though...hmmm 5) The pass. side brake would hang up once in a while. toyed with adjsutments many times with mediocre results. Was gonna replace the hose, but then suddenly the problem went away. I have an AAJ basic kit that I bought a few months back. was planning to have that installed in the early spring, but I am afraid it might be time NOW (but its not in the budget!). So I am in a quandry..should I FIX the drum setup in the meantime (new shoes...maybe more?) or should I park the car until the disc budget is up to par. Hmmmmmmm. What do y'all think about using the the Old style vac assist with a new dual resevoir master cylinder and disc brakes? Regards, Lou


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