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Re: Mopar Mel

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
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Date: November 03, 2003


I don't have any answers to your questions. However, I do have an opinion...(no surprise there LOL) My feelings are, anyone that tells you in their sales pitch that they will sell you a car on the condition that you let them restore/rebuild it for you, leaves a lot of room for questions...Tons of em, in fact!!..... Some of the ones that I would be asking are; to who's satisfaction is the rebuild going to suit? Also, will you have a say in what type of paint and material that will be used in the process of the rebuild? i.e. the brand, and quality of primers, sealers, paints, interior fabrics/components, drive line components, etc, etc, etc the list goes on!! ? The second is, what if you're not satisfied with the outcome, and/or the work being done to the car along the way; are you entitled to recind the contract if you are not satisfied with the work? Thirdly, the cost and methods of payment. Does the price of the car/resto have to be paid up front before you see the finished product? I would also ask whether or not you will be allowed to see valid receipts for the material that is purchased, and used on your car, and if Mel is accessible at all times for questions about the car. Lastly, I would make sure that the price of the work, and the combined cost of the car are worth it in today's fluxuating market. If I did decide to enter into a contract such as this one, I would have a competant lawyer read through the fine print to make sure that there were no hidden clauses within, before I put my John Henery on the dotted line. Personally, I like the simpler route.. I like the idea of purchasing a car, no strings attached, and deciding for myself which path I will take in the rebuild/restore process. Whether, that be a home/backyard rebuild, or a full blown professional restoration. Personally, if I was in the market for contracting out my car for restoration (which I'm not), I would seek out a reputable shop that specializes in antique car restoration, and has a proven track record to go along with it. That, would be the more traveled path, and the one with less hoops to jump through (if money permits that is)... This sounds to me like Mel is in the market to corner the market on the cars he says he has for sale. Fact is, there are a lot of good/great quality Forward Look cars floating around out there for sale for a decent price that are in need of a restoration..The sales pitch that our old friend Mel is pushing sounds a little, hmmmmmmm, ponderous, mighty ponderous.... Just an opinion, that's all!


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