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Glad Roger's happy with me!

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury<at>
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Date: November 03, 2003


Hey, HE deserves the "mad props" for making the AAJ kit, I'm only too happy to recommend it because no one knows better than I do what a a pain in the @$$ it was to convert a Forward Look car to front discs BEFORE the kits existed, and by all means we FL car owners should support those who bother to make useful parts for our cars! Here, Here! And if you can get a NEW rubber bellows on your rebuilt power master cylinder, that voids all my concerns about 40+ year old rubber (I wouldn't drive on 1958 tires even if they were NOS!). Yes, the bellows looks cool under the hood! As far as the braking system melting after a 100+ mph stop, that's not necessarily true. I panic-stopped a FL car (many years ago!) from high speed with front drums, with no harm done. A pesky antelope was trying to be roadkill! HOWEVER, I did wait on the shoulder of the road for half an hour for the brakes to cool off! See now if you kept using the brakes immediately after such a panic stop, you WOULD start heat damage to many braking components! At least it DID come to a complete panic stop, if I'd been in say a '58 Chevy (with those leftover '51 design brakes!) that antelope would have been antelope burger!


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