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Re: love my disc brakes?????? Yer kidding,,,,,,right?

From: fins59
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Date: November 03, 2003


Can man mentions the rubber booster bellows. Mine developed a 2 inch tear and from there the drum braking was all downhill. I figured instead of putting $300 into repairing the bellows I would stick it into a disc conversion. And that '75 Plymouth Duster booster/dual master cyl/pro valve fits and looks pretty good under the hood. Although I agree with CanMan, the rubber bellows look the best - but then again if you keep the rubber bellows, won't you still have that problem of getting to the master/cyl because its setting below the bellows with about a 1/2 inch of space between them.? Also with the Duster booster you don't need the vacumn canister hanging on the inner fender liner so that cleans it up a little under the hood. The bottom line is - no more adjusting each front shoe, no more grabbing or locking up of front brakes, no more having to worry about where you are going to find your next set of brake shoes, no more having to deal with front wheel cylinders (Car Quest wanted $47 each for wheel cylinders and there's 2 in each front wheel) When you add everything up plus safety, that disc conversions' pretty cheap. Rear disc conversion kit??? Sounds pretty good to me. Get rid of those rear tapered drums, sell my drum puller....


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