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Re: Another carb question. how much better is a 4 barrel then a 2...

From: Mopar Randy
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Date: November 04, 2003


I've change several cars from 2 for 4 barrel carburetors and been very happy with the outcome. I changed my 57 Dodge Polysphere from a Stromber 2 bbl (OEM) to a WCFB 4 bbl (from a Custom Royal) and was very pleased with that. The best bang I got for my carburetor buck, old car wise, was to replace that same WCFB with a AFB from a 62 Imperial. I had to machine out the intake manifold and tap new stud holes, but that was an extremely happy conversion. I think the bigger carb took advantage of the larger exhaust and "upgraded" camshaft. It also solved that WCFB problem of shutting off the fuel in the corners. The AFB still allowed for the use of all the OE throttle connections and choke arrangments, too. Good luck, Mopar Randy


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