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White smoke.... blown head gasket?

From: Tim
Remote Name:
Date: November 04, 2003


392 hemi has about 500 miles on rebuild. I was driving on the highway at about 3100 rpm with no problems other than the gauge was reading slightly hotter than normal. Car was running fine otherwise, no problems. Upon increasing to about 3300 rpm, car started blowing white smoke from the back, and a LOT of it. As soon as i backed down to 3100 again, smoked stopped. Coolant level would drop about half a gallon after an hour of driving. After this, car seems to have a very unsteady, and i can hear a slight phhhssstt pphhsst pphhsst from the tail pipes. However, motor seems to run fine other wise. It doesnt smoke and coolant loss is little if not none around town. 165-170 psi in all cylinders. I'm guessing the headgasket is leaking slightly, but i dont see why the problem would suddenly be so bad on the highway at 3300 rpm, and almost nothing under 3000 rpm? Any ideas?


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