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Early Hemi adapters work with 1957-61 318 V8's

From: Daven Anderson
Email: 1961fury<at>
Remote Name:
Date: November 04, 2003


If the 318 poly you have is from 1957-61, these have the same block bolt pattern as the early (1950's) Hemi engines, and you can use the transmission adapters sold by which fit a variety of later transmissions. If the poly is 1962-66, install a 1967-91 type 318 crank (millions of used ones around, or buy one new from the Mopar Performance catalog) and then you can use a '67-up A-pattern 727, 904, 518 4-spd O/D, etc. which are no problem to get floorshifts for from B&M and others...


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