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Re: 73-74 Imperials had rear disk brakes!??????

From: alumcan
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Date: November 05, 2003


Erik. 'hain't' all those '74,5 Imperials, or what (very few) '69,'70,1,2,3 Imperials that had the DB option, the rear end a little too wide? I 'meber measuring a '74,5 Imperial (9 1/4 DB) once, something in the 64" wide range. I DO know that a '70 8 3/4, (3" X 11" drums) out from under a Fury, State Cop car, is exactly 63". 'cause I got one that's, right now inaccasable beacuse of a bunch of hay. The rear end measurment under my Belvy Convt is 60 7/8" That same measurment was also a 300-D and a '58 DeS Firedome 4H rears that I had. I don't see how a C body 63" wide rear will fit under a FedLk car. mmmm let's see. Jethro Bodine 'siphern, ought into ought, and carry five,,,, that's 2 1/8" wider. Or 1 and a 1/16 inches PER SIDE wider. Looks like the outside tire would rub the wheel house. (Unless one would go to the work of making a negative offset wheel) Especially with X-tra people/weight/lowering blocks. I have measured TWO 8 3/4's out from under a '69 Road Runner (383) nine and something by 10" brakes, and a 440 '70 RR with those 3 X 11 brakes, and BOTH rears measured 60 1/4" That's 5/8" narrower, or 5/16" narrower per side. I haven't been able to find a E body (70-74 Cuda/Chally) 8 3/4 to measure one of them yet. They are 'spose to be a little wider than the ('68,9,'70) B Body (RR)? However, if you HAVE/FIND one of those '69,'70,1,2,3, 8 3/4" Imperal rears with Disc Brakes, by all means GET IT! Those DB will bolt right over on the RR or Cuda 8 3/4 rears. You'll have to ask Einstine or someone if the Spicer 9 1/4 '74,5 Imperial (what, Dana 40-50 ?) 'kin to the Dana 60 9 3/4, if those DB will bolt over to a 8 3/4? About three (?) years ago someone in the forums found a 8 3/4 DB kit. It was listed under old ('40's '50's ?) Dodge pick-em-ups. I have the address up in my (VERY thick) FwdLk file in the garage. (anytime in my years on this site, someone would find/re-peat/come up with, interchange or just general usefull information/addreses/web sites, pertaining to the '57's and 8 Mopars I would print out that info, and I got a overflowing office folder filled) This kit used, I think, common GM calapiers. Whatever. If I can't find a '69,'70,1,2,3 DB Imperial, (VERY scarce around here) I'm going with that RDB kit. Or, there are several RDB kits in roundy round catalogs. I have a '61 Chrysler Hearse picture, that was sent to be by Ron Swartly, ole Elvis himself, that has a wider rear end installed. So wide that they had to really jack up the car for tire clearance. You know, 14 sets of Chevy style air shocks.


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