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Re: Rotisserie

From: chuck lowe
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Date: November 06, 2003


just yesterday a guy i never met stopped by my garage (close to the street)---he explained that he had gone back and forth several times looking at the rear of my dart---i asked if he would like to see it close up---he came in and we talked for about an hour---cars-engines and ROTISSERIE---he explained he has a thought of building one---what he had in mind cost about 250.00-of simple design-using 2 in. pipe-on wheels---for the radius point he is going to use trailer hitches---he is supposed to be back to give me some info on some 318's he can get for me---he seems to know what he is talking about---to save my as i can't remember his name(ain't that the pits-can't remember the name of some one that is going to help you)---JESSICA-when he comes back i will see what info he has and try to get it to you---one way or the other---later---chuck lowe


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