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Re: LOVE my REAR AXLE!! all right! A positive opnion,,,,,

From: Hank Dozier
Email: dozierhc <at>
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Date: November 07, 2003


CanMan.....Have been procratinating (high-falooting word for sitting on my keester) for most of the summer. Difficulty in my first (and I think best) Rear Disc Brake setup is that the Crown Vic caliper setup requires a fairly accurately machined anvil slide for it to work. The Ford piece is a casting that is machined, so a fixture has to be fabricated to hold the individual pieces in accurate position for the welding. I need to have this fixture fab'd, which I have not done so far due to other commitments and wife honey-dos. SHAME ON ME! However, I also have a slightly different solution I discovered in continued research which involves Neon or PT Cruiser front calipers on a slider adaptor (similar to the AAJ setup). This setup would use a Ford Lincoln Mark V or VI rear disc rotor from the mid-80s. It is also a vented rotor, rather than the solid Jeep Grand Cherokee one used with the Crown Vic calipers. I think this setup would be easier for the layman to make, but most likely will require that an adjustible tuning valve for the rear disc clamping force be installed, as both the rotor and the caliper would have greater than the 40% max split that I think is needed for good wet weather braking. I promise to try and finish the assembly fixture in this next month, and will post results (and pictures, if Dave is agreeable) on this site for others to review and use.


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