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Re: Push button transmissions

From: Joey M
Remote Name:
Date: November 10, 2003


Howdy there. It's a shame that its a 1959. I have literature to cover these transmissions. I have tech books, quick fix guides, on car adjustment manuals, all kinds of stuff. In 1959, half the cars had one type of linkage and valve body and then they changed it to a new kind. Do you currently have a transmision for it? I didn't read your post very carefully but im at work so I can't go back and do it now. I will gladly look up all the information that you need in my books. The early type of linkage is hard to adjust while the later style has a wheel that you can turn to adjust it. Also I believe this change also came with a switch to a 2 peice valve body from a 3. I own a 1958 Windsor and will be putting a tranny into it in the upcoming months. I already found a fresh rebuilt one. Yours is a 59 so that has a 383 correct? I love that body style that almost zig zag chrome piece on the side drives me wild when i see it. The fins and upside down tail light make it a very unique and noticable car. Most of my manuals cover the 59 as well. Not to mention, I have a ton of parts off of a 59 Saratoga sitting in my garage that were given to me by a friend. I'd love to hear more about your car and maybe see some pictures!! Well back to work, send me off an email and we'll get ya fixed up. ==Joey M


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