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Re: Wiper refills

From: Jeffc
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Date: November 12, 2003


Look for a store that carries Anco wiper refills, unless they are 12" refills they should have what you need for wiper refills, or be able to order a size that is not carried.... Anco made most of the arms and blades for mopar's wipers and should have the metal strip in the refill..... If they are 12" then you need the hole blade (20-12) because they don't have the refills anymore for the 12" wipers. I know this because this is what my mid 60s truck used and if I want to stay with stock equipment I have to buy the hole blade and take the wiper out of it and install in my blades....... When stock is gone on the 12" blades Anco will be making no more..... they have around 1k in stock and that is it...... The other options is to use the 20-13 blade and take the 2 arch parts out that have the little red buttons and put them on the 12" blades and then you can have 13" wipers and 13" refills if your system can take a 1/2" on each one to the middle. replacement wiper refills all have part numbers like this for Anco........ 12-12, 13-13 14-14 ect..... repacement blades all use 20 frist and size 2nd like this........ 20-12, 20-13, 20-14 ect......... wiper arm is from post to tip, blade is from arm tip to windshield and includes the wiper.... thought I would include this info as some may not know...... If you don't need to stay stock, there are adapters that will fit on the arm tip, old tip needs to be pried off and a new plastic tip installed for a more modern blade and wiper type.


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