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727 interchangability/shift linkage

From: Bill K.
Email: tongue_tied59<at>
Remote Name:
Date: November 15, 2003


If I want to run my stock pushbutton shifter how new of a 727 can I run and still use it? This for a '60 NY'er that has no trans now. Can't remember what was posted previously on it; have someone telling me that the '60 cars have the parking brake on the trans and no 'Park' position in the transmission itself, so there would be some difficulty in using a newer model trans. Would rather know now what parts I need than when I am in the middle of it and have to scare up a floor shifter to get it rolling. Will be much easier to get it on the road with a later, used engine and trans combo and then spend the bucks on a decent motor when it wears out.


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